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Key Talks

I do talks on how depression is misunderstood, the facts and figures, what it actually is, how to recover, how to make depression work in your favor and more.


They are funny and informative, depending on who the talk is for. I also do very serious talks on evidence based studies or research statistics.


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My Workshops inspire, educate and are powerful. They leave you with a buzz, a positive vibe feeling and an ideal way forward.


You will discover things about yourself you never knew. And, skills you never knew you had like:


  • A technique to bring peace into your life

  • How to realise dreams you thought were dead and buried  

  • A way to discover  your inner writer


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Translations for books available in:






In The Office

Bringing mindfulness into the office

Repeated studies have demonstrated that meditation can rewire how the brain responds to stress. Boston University researchers showed that after as little as three and a half hours of meditation training, subjects tend to react less to emotionally charged images.


Other research suggests that meditation improves working memory and executive function. And several studies of long-term practitioners show an increased ability to concentrate on fast-changing stimuli.


Companies are using mindfulness to understand their co-workers’ motivations, to cultivate their own “emotional intelligence” and reduce overall stress levels. Contact me for further details.



Do you need your words to WOW?


That’s what I do. I combine my success as a commercial writer with my experience of business management to create effective:


  • Emails

  • Proposals

  • Web content

  • Sales literature

  • Brochures

  • Letters

  • Reports


I ensure you receive powerful, convincing and persuasive documents that achieve their objectives.


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