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A Writer, Coach, and Advocate for Emotional Well-being, Alexandra has a deep commitment to improving emotional health. Her journey has been marked by personal struggles with anxiety and depression, which she overcame with the help of professionals, teachers, and fellow recoverees.

After an eight-year odyssey, Alexandra emerged from the depths of her challenges and found herself back on her feet. Her profound experience became a source of inspiration and led her to embark on a writing career. Today, she is celebrated as a best-selling author.

But Alexandra's journey didn't stop with her books. Empathetic and driven, she has since dedicated herself to coaching thousands of others on their own paths to recovery from anxiety and depression. Recognizing the challenges in accessing comprehensive mental health treatment, she took it upon herself to develop self-help programs, expanding her reach and support for those seeking emotional nourishment and resilience.

Achievements that Speak Volumes:

  • Award-Winning Blog

  • Best-Selling Books

  • ‘Remarkable’ Beat Anxiety Program

  • 'Astonishing' One-To-One Life Coaching


Beyond her coaching and writing, Alexandra has emerged as a prominent commentator in the subject of emotional intelligence and mental well-being. Her insights and wisdom are reflected in articles that provide insight and a deeper understanding of the human psyche.

As an advocate for emotional intelligence and nourishment, Alexandra's work goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the intricacies of our emotions and how they shape our lives. Her commentary sheds light on the importance of emotional well-being in today's fast-paced world.

One of her books was serially featured in The Daily Mail, with the publication stating, "Alexandra Massey’s remarkable program helped her survive. And it can do the same for millions of other sufferers."

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