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These are my 3 key workshops:



Most of us spend more time planning our annual holiday than planning our life! This course will give you a chance to stand back, take stock and take a fresh look at new opportunities and possibilities; then show you how to plan the next part of your life with the determination and passion that you really believe in.


Mindfulness Meditation

Studies have shown that Mindfulness Meditation is an effective way to reduce stress and better handle what life throws at you. This course will teach three simple techniques to establish a meditation practice that you can readily put in place back home which will enable you to experience greater satisfaction in work and life.


Non-Fiction Writing

Looking to write a piece of non-fiction such as self-help, memoir or travel writing? Whether you aim to be a bestselling author or you simply want to write an entertaining account for friends and family, this stimulating and supportive class will help you to find your voice.

Please let me know how I can tailor these workshops for you.
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