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Turning Humility Into Grace

When we surrender our will and our lives to the care of

a Higher Power, we are not promoting helplessness; we are

asking for strength. There is great power in coming to know

and accept our limitations. If we don’t surrender, maybe it’s

because we think we know best. However, this thought has

kept us stuck. In accepting that we don’t know what’s

best, we find the humility to acknowledge that we aren’t the

greatest power and we don’t have all of the answers. We

know that because we are here working with A Program Of

Miracles, trying to find a way through the fog.


Through the humility of not knowing, we free ourselves. We free ourselves to our Higher Power and ask to be taken care of. We ask to be shown how to take care of ourselves. We learn to carry out our Higher Power’s will for us and we turn the results of our life over to our Higher Power. We surrender our big life plans and accept that we have no control over our future. We ask to be shown how to live a day at a time. We ask our Higher Power to take care of the future and help us to live a contented life in the present moment. 


There will be times when we don’t like our life or what has been put upon us. We may not understand our Higher Power’s will for us and we complain about the misery or drudgery of our life. We may believe that following these suggestions is one big waste of time. All of these concerns we turn over to the care of our Higher Power, because by identifying our fears and traits, we move away from control. We learn how we’ve tried to control everything and thereby stood in the way of our own progress.


Our Higher Power loves us without conditions. S(he) is there for us whether or not we turn to him (her). We surrender to and accept the love of our Higher Power over and over again. We may struggle to feel the unconditional love because it’s not something we experienced as children. Despite this, we still pray, meditate, accept and surrender. This is the work that heals us, and we come to realize with an excitement never experienced before, that it really works.


We begin to live in a state of grace. This means we start to become awakened to the gifts of existence, life and love. We begin to know our purpose and we effortlessly succeed in creating a life that benefits us and those around us. Our Higher Power’s grace is in abundance, and the supply will never run out.


The more we turn our will and our life over to our Higher Power, the more we become aware of this source of grace. Many of us hoped to live in a state of grace but we were unable to truly let go and let a Higher Power work in our lives. Now, however, we begin to understand that living in grace brings a settling feeling on our spirit and emotions.




Answer the following questions:


  1. If you knew everything was being taken care of by your Higher Power, how would you feel?

  2. If you knew you really had no power to control other people or events, how would you live differently than the way you do now?

  3. What are you surrendering to your Higher Power so you can make your work in A Program Of Miracles a priority in your life today?

  4. What actions have you taken today to show you are truly surrendering your will and your life to a Higher Power?

  5. What would you do for yourself differently that would help you enjoy your life right now?

  6. If a certain person didn’t control you, what would you do differently?

  7. If you weren’t controlled by a certain outcome or event, what would you do differently right now?

  8. If you weren’t trying to fight the reality of your whole life right now, how would you feel?

  9. Can you start with willingness? – Be willing to start believing a Higher Power can help you today!

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