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Improve Our

Conscious Contact

With Our Higher Power

We need to stay as connected to our Higher Power as we possibly can. This helps us on our journey of recovery. We stay consciously connected to our Higher Power in the same way that we stay consciously connected to our own thoughts and feelings. By improving our conscious contact with our Higher Power begin to rely on Its will for us and less on our unreliable willpower.


Our intuition grows as we sense the presence of our Higher Power in every step we take. But to help our intuition grow and solidify, we must hand our life and our will over to our Higher Power on a daily, hourly and sometimes minute-by-minute basis. 


A Program Of Miracles is a spiritual program which teaches us that we can lean into our Higher Power and rest. Each time we do this we experience greater levels of trust and safety, which allows emotional maturity to grow and prosper. As our emotional maturity grows, we begin to leave behind the damaging effects of our childhood.


We begin to understand what freedom from a dysfunctional childhood looks like. We begin to see freedom as a light at the end of the tunnel. We start to understand that there is another way. And we also begin to recognize how our Higher Power has worked in our life.


We often hear how improving a conscious contact with our Higher Power has helped other people in their lives, but we find it difficult to see it working in our life. The promise of A Program Of Miracles is that it will work if we work it. We no longer wait for something to happen without having undertaken the work first.


Start by praying on a daily basis, twice a day, and introduce a meditation into your daily practice. These are the two ways to improve your conscious contact with our Higher Power. This is the bare minimum to undertake. In prayer, ask God for what you want, and include a sentiment that asks our Higher Power to take our control/will. Then deliver your life into our Higher Power’s care.


Also, we ask our Higher Power to show us his path for us together with the power to carry out its will. When things go well in your life, implement a committed practice to ensure you undertake daily prayer and meditation. When a crisis occurs, be open and prepared to turn to your Higher Power for extra help.


Meditation may change as we change and grow. There are many types of meditation available ranging from a simple mindfulness practice to organized meditation fellowships that require us to be taught by a qualified teacher.

Choose whatever meditation works for you, it makes no difference which one is used, only that it is practiced daily. 


By implementing prayer and meditation, we find peacefulness each time we close our eyes. Answers will come and provide solutions in our lives. A road will clear when we hit the fork, and doors will open that we thought were locked. Our hearts will relax and be calm.


Relationships with others will change as we begin to trust in our practice to heal and have our needs furnished. Mutual respect and an ability to easily express our feelings will teach us we can trust in our Higher Power. This practice will nourish us in a new way that leaves us less vulnerable to seeking out others to take care of us. We begin to be more authentic selves in all our relationships rather than feeling the pain of unhealthy dependence.


As our practice grows and strengthens, we seek less excitement and chaos than we previously needed to feel alive. We are better able to sit still and be with our true self and our real feelings. We begin to hear how our thoughts are going crazy in our mind, and we get a perspective on mind racing. 


In growing our connection to our Higher Power it's as if we turn down the hum of the refrigerator. We embrace the silence, which gives us more clarity on background noise in our mind. We may tussle with the conflict between our growing stillness and our racing minds, but if we continue our prayer and meditation, the mind will become quieter.


We have all been spiritual seekers looking for a way out of our suffering. Finally, we have found what we were looking for. We learn what our Higher Power wants for us because he leaves his footprints in the sand. Our path is to follow our Higher Power’s footprints and place our feet in each of his footprints day-by-day, hour by hour and minute by minute.


For many of us, this comes with essential relief together with disbelief. Only evidence in the Miracles of trusting our Higher Power will prove that He is there. The only way we can receive that evidence is by implementing a strong spiritual practice.




Each day pray at least twice to God. You can ask God for whatever you want from him. Start your prayer with these words: I turn my will and my life over to you. I ask you to show me your will for me and give me the power to carry it out.


Each day meditate for at least 10 minutes using a preferred mindfulness meditation.

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