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Improve Our

Conscious Contact

With A Higher Power

It is said that we ask God through prayer and we listen to God through meditation. It is through this continual cycle of communication from us to our Higher Power and then from a Higher Power back to us that helps us begin to see what is called emotional sobriety.


As we come to rely on this relationship with our Higher Power we start to notice the freedom we have craved, freedom from our childhood survival traits. We can begin the journey towards our Higher Power in the knowledge that our Higher Power understands us better than we understand ourselves. We begin to rely on this faith and trust in the same way that a goat relies on his ability to stay rooted on the side of a mountain.


And as we find freedom from our childhood survival traits, we become more aware of when we slip back into using them in our adult lives. This often happens in times of stress or when we move away from the program and it's daily actions.


When we move towards our survival traits we will see that we struggle in our relationships, we lose self-respect and we lose sight of living in the present moment.



In order for us to increase the strength of our faith, we must improve our conscious contact with our Higher Power. This brings us clarity together with the understanding that we don't need to ‘people please’ others in order to make us feel OK. We take steps towards being our true selves in relationships with people we love.


And each time we do this, we are rewarded with positive changes in our lives, feeling connected to a Higher Power and, in due course, experience the miracles that come with working a Program like this.


Life is like being in a small boat on a river. The river flows downstream and sometimes we cannot see what is around the river bend. However we continue in our small boat - bobbing along - trusting that all will be well when we go around the bend.

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