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We done a thorough job of cleaning up our house

with the help of our Higher Power. It is vital for us

to maintain the cleanliness of our house on a daily basis. This isn't about criticizing ourselves every day or watching ourselves through a microscope hour by hour.


It is an opportunity for us to take a balanced view of our actions and learn to not take on responsibility for others’ actions, be less afraid of what people think about us and give ourselves the opportunity to make mistakes without feeling ashamed.


We begin to apply the principles of the Program of Miracles to our everyday lives.


We apply honesty, humility, and assertiveness at home, work and in our communities. We continue to be aware of ourselves instead of focusing on other people. This step shows us we are free to take care of ourselves in healthy ways with others. Where once we thought others were somehow in control of our lives and that they could make us feel different or better, we now realize that was an illusion.


Many of us used ways to run from our problems. These included alcohol, drugs, shopping, obsessing over someone, exercise, food etc. Tactics like these help us avoid our feelings for hours, days or weeks. We no longer want to be controlled by these tactics so we learned to spot triggers that set off this set of chain reactions that lead us into old behavior patterns. With A Program Of Miracles, we have ways of managing the chain reaction even if we cannot control the original trigger.


By practicing a daily stock-take, we give ourselves permission to accept our current state, stop rushing about and ask ourselves what we need, what would feel good without any blame or shame. Here we can accept who we are and learn from each painful experience with the healing and trust of our Higher Power. We are polishing up the work we have done so far.


A daily stock-take is not the harsh critical feedback we practiced before. We  are human and we will make mistakes, but now we can talk about our feelings and our mistakes without being judged or judgmental. We want to look for the things that didn't make us feel good today. We watch for our personal conduct and decide if that's what we reasonably expect of ourselves.




Each day ask yourself questions that keep you in mindful of your recovery practice. Answer with self-love:


  1. Have I lied today?

  2. Am I isolating from others?

  3. Have I expected someone else to look after me?

  4. Am I talking about my feelings?

  5. Am I nurturing myself today?

  6. Have I been angry inappropriately?

  7. Do I harbor any resentment?

  8. Did I judge others today?

  9. Have I tried to control others today?

  10. Have I tried to manipulate myself out of a situation?

  11. Have I played the victim role today?

  12. Have I remembered to ask for help if I need it?

  13. Have I listened to my inner child today?

  14. Did I take anything that's not mine?

  15. Did I ask my Higher Power for guidance today?

  16. Have I shunned personal responsibility?

  17. Have I complained about my life today?

  18. Have I tried to be in control when I could have turned it over to my Higher Power?

  19. Did I have any fun today?


We don't worry about how we do our daily stock-take. By now we have enough peace in our heart to recognize when matters need our attention. We trust our Higher Power will guide us through our daily stock-take and allow the important matters to show up. 


We ask our Higher Power to help us understand discernment. Discernment is a gift from God and it's about listening to the still voice inside our soul guiding us to what is right. To practice discernment is to be in step with God’s step and breathe with God’s breath.

A Daily Stock-Take

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