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'10 steps to Beat Depression And Reclaim Your Life' is my FREE course based on my best selling book ‘Beat Depression And Reclaim Your Life’. 

Who are the 10 steps for?

The program is for anyone suffering from deep depression, despair and loneliness.

You may not want to take medication, but at the same time you're finding it hard to see any other way out.

The 10 steps include:

  • How to immediately feel better

  • Stop negative thinking in its tracks

  • Why denial keeps you depressed

  • How toxic emotions work

  • The madness of mind racing

  • When shame keeps you from getting help

  • Understanding if you're you a victim, perpetrator or martyr?

The work

The 10 steps are delivered via email.

They will hold you by the hand and guide you through the steps I took to completely recover from depression.

Recovery is a journey

It took for me to hit my ‘rock bottom’ before I started on my search for depression recovery tools that didn’t involve me ending up on ‘mind-numbing’ medication.

Recovery is a journey and there are some proven steps I will show you to get started.

The origin

The 10 Steps to Beat Depression is based on what I discovered in my own journey, a 30 year search for true happiness.
When I finally discovered the tools to FULLY recover from depression, I began to write books on the subject and eventually became a BEST SELLING AUTHOR.
This program is based on my best selling book ‘Beat Depression And Reclaim Your Life’.  
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