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Nervousness, sweating, fear, rapid heartbeat? Anxiety symptoms are too complicated to simply wish away.


Anxiety can move from feeling a bit jittery into a mental health problem and impact on your ability to live your life as fully as you would like.

This may include if your anxious feelings last for a long time or are out of proportion to the situation. You may start to avoid situations that cause you to feel anxious. You may feel ‘out of control’ which can be extremely distressing.

One of the problems with knowing about anxiety is it can seem like you just don’t even understand why you're this anxious and that can be doubly frightening.  

If life has become too hard to enjoy things that you once took for granted, these pages on self-care offer suggestions and support that you may find very helpful. Discover why you're anxious, what triggers it and where to get help.

Are worry, fear or helplessness running your life? Anxiety is troubling and rarely goes away on its own. Did you know that anxiety may be linked to depression?



If you’ve tried other ways to stop your anxiety - and nothing’s worked - join me for my 

“Stop Anxiety Symptoms in 2 Weeks” course. This science backed self help program will help you get your life back on track.

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