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A Program Of Miracles

What is it?

A Program Of Miracles is a spiritual program for anyone who was raised in a dysfunctional family and would like to heal old wounds, discover a new freedom from past pain, resentment and fear.



The people who are attracted to the Program are those who’ve lost their way and want to find the way out - back home. The symptoms people suffer when they’ve been lost are depression, anxiety, loneliness, frustration, disappointment and as if life has no meaning. There are many of us who find ourselves lost in the wilderness. We have questions like: What’s the point? Who am I really? Why am I not happy?

  • Learning to laugh again

  • Discovering your meaning

  • And life purpose

  • Getting a sense of returning home

  • No longer experiencing financial insecurity

  • The joy of self

  • Trusting life will work out

  • Not needing outer ‘success’ to be OK

  • Never being afraid to stand up for yourself

  • Knowing what you want and asking for it

Going against the grain

When all else has failed

The current flow of advice coming from the world of psychiatry and psychology is to fix it quick. The Program of Miracles is not a quick fix; it is a slow burn. It’s a program that takes you, by the hand, from the beginning of your time and guides you through your experience and helps you to change your future experience.

Many of us have tried therapy, prescription drugs, yogic retreats, meditation or hypnosis yet we still felt empty? Why is that? It’s because we haven’t done the work – this work.

The Work

The Program of Miracles takes you through a series of 60 exercises which will help you to discover your real self. It's recommended to do no more than one per day to allow the psyche to absorb and acknowledge each step.


We suffer when we ignore this work; we are released from our past when we embrace this work. There is no getting away from the fact that this work is hard but it’s what we need to do to discover our real selves.

The Origin

The Program Of Miracles is based on a 30 year search for true happiness. It combines the wisdom of extraordinary spiritual teachers and ground breaking courses, astonishing conversations with fellow seekers and the influence of some of the best evolutionary writers. It embraces the knowledge of Tibetan Buddhism and the Human Givens movement; the philosophy of Transcendental Meditation and the intelligence of 12 Step fellowships.   

The Program of Miracles works by taking you to the very beginning and leading you through a series of tasks and exercises that will help you to understand who you are, why you suffer and show you how to heal.


The Program is divided into sections:


  • How our lives have become chaotic and how we try to control it

  • The source of our pain

  • Learning to trust – blind faith and how it works

  • Discovering our real selves

  • Resetting our life path

  • Reaching out to others

  • Putting right the wrongs of our past

  • Integrating meditation and prayer

  • Living with our new values

  • Helping others to do the same

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